10 Must-Capture Moments of Your Wedding Ceremony


On your wedding day, there will be key moments you will experience that will find a special place in your heart forever. When these happen, you want to make sure your wedding photographer is there to capture each and every one of them. Pictures of these wonderful, fleeting moments will let the memories live on for many, many years to come when you place them in your amazing professional wedding album. You will be able to share these memories, relive them with your partner, and treasure the heart-warming moments of your special day forever.

These are the 10 photographs of your wedding ceremony you won’t want to miss:

1. Father daughter moments

Whether it’s the first look you two share or when he’s walking you down the aisle, the special moments shared between father and daughter are some of the most significant, heart-warming instants you will have during the day. Although your wedding is filled with bountiful love between you and your partner, these moments are truly touching and express the irreplaceable love between a father and his daughter on her special day. These moments are also one of the most emotional ones of the ceremony, so you will definitely want to capture them in a photograph.


Photo Credit: Koman Photography

2. Walking down the aisle

The moments leading up to the one you have been waiting for all your life are ones that have floods of emotion and happiness. Not only will these shots capture your beauty and your amazing wedding day look, but they will also represent the hard work, time, and dedication that has been put into planning your wedding day and awaiting this moment.


Photo Credit: Blumenthal Photography

3. Bride and groom’s first look

You might not be able to see your groom’s expression from all the way down the aisle, so you will definitely want to make sure your photographer is there to capture it. Your groom’s reaction to you walking down the aisle towards him is one that is truly once in a lifetime and says a thousand words. This is one of the most exciting moments for him throughout the whole day, so you will not want to miss it.


Photo Credit: Calli B Photography

4. Ceremony rituals

These are the moments that show the special aspects that you and your partner share. Whether it’s your religion or a unique family tradition, these important parts of who you two are will be present in your wedding ceremony and are significant moments that represents the relationship you two have.


Photo Credit: Lauren Fair Photography

5. Sharing your vows

Reading your wedding vows to each other is without a doubt one of the most emotion-filled moments of your wedding ceremony. You have taken so much time to write these sincere words from the bottom of your heart, that the feelings are so raw and honest and are worth capturing to remember forever. During these moments, your emotions are definitely not hidden, so these pictures will be priceless.


Photo Credit: Stoffer Photography

6. Your party people

Don’t forget that the people that are by your side during your wedding ceremony have invested a lot in this special day, too! They have been awaiting this moment, supporting you unconditionally, and sharing in the excitement and happiness for you. When it comes to your bridesmaids, make sure you capture their emotions as they will definitely be transparent since they were such an integral part of your wedding planning process and your life.


Photo Credit: KT Merry Photography

7. Personal, unique moments

Having your photographer capture numerous candid moments throughout the day will add a special uniqueness to your wedding album photos. These instants between all the ones that are structured and planned will mean so much to you and demonstrate the one-of-a-kind bond that you and your partner share. Throughout all the chaos and craziness of your big day, these moments will be filled with love, excitement, and joy.


Photo Credit: Rebecca Hollis Photography

8. Exchanging the rings

This is when you make it official! Placing rings on each other’s fingers is such a quintessential moment in your wedding that represents the eternal bond you two share. You will want to make sure you capture this moment that is the start of a new chapter of your lives together!


Photo Credit: Vis Photography

9. The first kiss

This moment in the ceremony is one that you (and all your guests!) have been waiting for! It is such a classic shot and is a must-have for your wedding day photo shot list and is one that is filled with overflowing love, happiness, and excitement.


Photo Credit: Justin & Mary

10. The recessional

The two of you walking down the aisle together after being officially married is such a celebratory moment that will be filled with nothing but smiles. This moment is representative of the journey you two are beginning together and the anticipation for the rest of your wonderful wedding night festivities.


Photo Credit: Kevin Lubera

Your wedding day will be filed with so many magical moments that you won’t want to miss. Make sure they are captured by your wedding photographer and arranged in a professional wedding album so you can relive these moments and reflect back on them with your partner many years down the road.

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