Top 20 Wedding Photographers in the San Francisco Bay Area

Are you looking for an engagement or wedding photographer for your upcoming nuptials? We’ve compiled a list of the best wedding photographers in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2022. Please note that this list is not in any particular order and all of these photographers would be a fantastic choice for your special day.

1. Chrisman Studios – San Francisco, CA

Chrisman Studios was founded by Ben Chrisman in 2005 when he was still an aspiring wedding photographer. Today, Chrisman is undeniably one of the most renowned and sought after wedding photographers in the world. His photos are the perfect combination of edginess, sex appeal and liveliness. Consistently mentioned in the most prestigious wedding photography awards and lists year after year, Chrisman Studios is comprised of a team of five extremely talented professional photographers who all aim to capture the true essence of your wedding in a truly unique and mind-blowing way.

Chrisman Studios Wedding Photography


2. Chris Shum Photography – Sunnyvale, CA

Ever since he was a teenager, Chris Shum has taken pictures as a hobby. In 2007, he decided to pursue photography as a career. His ability to tell stories and portray emotion in his photos is exceptional, and understands how important each moment is from engagement to the wedding day.

Chris Shum is the recipient of several prominent awards in the professional photography industry, including with the Wedding Photojournalist Association and the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. He describes his photography style as “simple yet elegant” and his portfolio is a true testament to these words.

Chris Shum Wedding Photography


3. Mary McHenry Photography – Oakland, CA

Mary McHenry has been photographing weddings for over eight years, and her vast portfolio consists of published editorial works in addition to beautiful nuptials. Her artistic eye and attention to detail beautifully captures the wedding day as it unfolds and results in images that are fresh and authentic.

Mary approaches wedding photography with a photojournalistic style, creating images that not only show how the day looked, but more importantly, how the wedding felt.

Mary McHenry Wedding Photography


4. Larissa Cleveland Photography – San Francisco, CA

Larissa Cleveland has been shooting weddings since she was 19 years old, and has since made an illustrious career out of photographing weddings, engagements and fine art. Her photographs have been featured in many well-known wedding publications and her fine art work has been showcased in photography galleries worldwide.

Larissa’s style of photography is strongly influenced by her passion to expose the beautiful, whimsical, spontaneous moments of real life and love. She is an award-winning member of such renowned wedding photography associations as The Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalism Association, Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers and The Best of Wedding Photography.

Larissa Cleveland Wedding Photography


5. Catherine Hall Studios – San Francisco, CA

Catherine Hall is not only an award-winning wedding photographer, but she is also a critically acclaimed photojournalist and an in-demand instructor and lecturer. Her sophisticated artistic eye and refined technique create stunning images that embody the joy and beauty of the moment.

Catherine is the recipient of numerous prestigious photography awards and recognitions, including the International Photography Award, International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. By establishing a genuine personal connection to each client, Catherine is able to provide a visual narrative that is unique to each couple and far exceeds expectations.

Catherine Hall Wedding Photography


6. Kara Miller Photography – San Jose, CA

Kara Miller has been a professional photographer for over ten years, yet she still dedicates her full devotion to each wedding shoot, finding herself emotionally invested in each couple.

This level of dedication results in fantastic detailed photos of candid moments and beautiful portraits. Consistently mentioned in the top online wedding resources for her wedding photography skills, Kara describes her photography style as joyful, natural and romantic. Kara’s personal connection to each individual couple leads to stunning photos that are rightfully celebrated.

Kara Miller Wedding Photography


7. Deborah Coleman Photography – Oakland, CA

Deborah Coleman’s photography technique is to capture life as it unfolds. As such, when shooting weddings, Deborah treats the day as a full story with a beginning, middle and end. Her ability to tell the story of each couple via beautifully shot portraits and unexpected candid photos makes her continually featured in the top online wedding and photography resources.

Deborah also holds several prominent awards from the Wedding Photojournalist Association and the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.

Deborah Coleman Wedding Photography


8. IQ Photo – San Francisco, CA

Joseph Kohn began his career as a freelance photojournalist but quickly transitioned into a wedding photographer. His background in photojournalism and his artistic vision provide the ideal skill set for excellent wedding photographs. Joseph’s technique allows him to capture the flow of feelings and emotions both creatively and emotionally.

He is the recipient of several esteemed awards, including the San Francisco Chronicle Best Wedding Photographer award, and is an active member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association, Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association and International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers

Joseph Kohn IQ Photo Wedding Photography


9. Claire Dobson Photography – Petaluma, CA

Claire Dobson has been passionate about art since a young age, but only decided to pursue photography professionally in 2009. Since then, she has shot hundreds of weddings and other photo shoots of people and her goal is to capture the essence of life in her images. Claire’s philosophy is that photography should be fun and effortless, and this is reflected in her pictures.

She has been featured in the top online wedding resources year after year and has proven to be an impressive talent in the wedding photography community.

Claire Dobson Wedding Photography


10. Hagop’s Photography – Palo Alto, CA

Hagop Istanboulian has been shooting weddings since he was 17 years old. Since then, he has refined and developed his craft into sophisticated contemporary wedding photography. He along with his wife established Hagop’s Photography in Palo Alto in 1993. For 25 years, Hagop has been a wedding photography mainstay in the San Francisco Bay Area, and his photos have an air of romanticism and professionalism that can only come from such experience. Hagop is an award-winning wedding photographer and is consistently listed on the top online wedding websites.

Hagop's Wedding Photography


11. Anna Kuperberg – San Francisco, CA

Anna Kuperberg has been shooting weddings, families and editorial work for over twenty years. She started her career as a photojournalist but soon realized that she much preferred shooting weddings and families. Her style is subtle and meaningful and her aim is to capture the differences between people by combining genuine emotions with careful compositions.

Anna is the recipient of many photography awards, including being named one of the World’s Top Ten Wedding Photographers by American Photo and the Best Wedding Photographer by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Anna Kuperberg Wedding Photography


12. You + We Photography – San Francisco, CA

You  + We Photography is comprised of two talented photographers, Sasha Leahovcenco and Ross Tanner. Ross is not only a wedding photographer, but also a successful entrepreneur. Sasha lives and breathes photography.

Their passion for photography shines through in their impressive portfolio. You + We Photography has been recognized by many award, including the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers Awards and the Fearless Photographers Awards.

You Plus We Wedding Photography


13. Erin Beach Photography – San Francisco, CA

Erin Beach began her career as a photojournalist and video produced in the news industry. After spending almost a decade in this field, she decided to pursue wedding photography instead. Her relaxed attitude and modern style establishes her as a cutting-edge wedding photographer.

Erin has been acclaimed by such media as People Magazine, Brides Northern California and other top online wedding resources. Erin is also an award-winning member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association and the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalism Association.

Erin Beach Wedding Photography


14. Arrowood Photography – San Francisco, CA

Tara Arrowood has been telling your story through her photographs for over nine years. She not only devotes her craft to shooting weddings, but interior design, horses and wildlife as well. Tara’s photos have been published in numerous well-known publications, including Brides Magazine, The Knot, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Horse Connection, the San Francisco Chronicle, California Home+Design and 7×7 San Francisco.

Not only is she a successful published photojournalist, but her wedding images have been recognized by many photography associations including the Wedding Photojournalist Association and Fearless Photographers.

Arrowood Wedding Photography


15. Memoire Studio – San Francisco, CA

Memoire Studio is husband-and-wife-photographer-duo Tammy and Mark Toung. They are both talented photographers who aim to create timeless and meaningful pictures for each couple to treasure forever. Tammy and Mark have individually been recognized for their impressive portfolios, as well as a team as Memoire Studio.

They have been the recipients of awards from the Wedding Photojournalist Association, Fearless Photographers and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International as well as many well-known online wedding websites.

Memoire Studio Wedding Photography


16. Modern Love Photography – Hayward, CA

Modern Love Photography was founded by Denise Birdsong, a photographer who describes her shooting style as a luxe blend of edge and high fashion imagery  with style and elegance. Her aim is to capture passion and love with a modern approach, resulting in beautiful images that are evocative and full of grace and intimacy. Modern Love also specializes in wedding boudoir photography, outside their standard wedding photography packages.

Denise is a member of Professional Photographers America and is regularly included in the top online wedding resources.

Modern Love Photography


17. Josh Gruetzmacher Wedding Photography – San Francisco, CA

Josh Gruetzmacher shoots weddings in a self-described unobtrusive documentary style in order to accurately photograph the day in a vibrant, full of life manner.

He shoots primarily on film and produces quality images that truly capture the essence of the day. Josh has been distinguished by numerous publications as a top wedding photographer, including Brides California and many of the top online wedding websites.

Josh Gruetzmacher Wedding Photography


18. Suzy Clement – San Francisco, CA

Suzy Clement has shot hundreds of weddings in her career, with no end in sight. She loves being a part of each couple’s magical day, capturing the beauty and joy in an authentic manner. Suzy’s work has been consistently mentioned in the top wedding photography awards and publications, including Brides Magazine and Wedding Photography Unveiled.

In addition to her prodigious career as a wedding photographer, Suzy has also published a book titled Weddings: From Snapshots to Great Shots, a guide to photography techniques specifically geared toward weddings.

Suzy Clement Wedding Photography


19. Tyler Vu – San Jose, CA

Tyler Vu’s style is to shoot life as it happens. His attention to detail allows him to capture moments that may seem insignificant to others, but turn out beautifully as an image. His goal is to capture the moments and feelings that can be relived and felt for years to come. Tyler has won several awards with Fearless Photographer.

Tyler Vu Wedding Photography


20. Keith Simonian Photography – Brentwood, CA

With over 20 years of experience, Keith Simonian has finely honed his skill and craft as a photojournalist. In addition to his expansive wedding portfolio, he also has accomplished extensive work in the professional and college sports fields. Keith’s critical eye gives him the ability to beautifully capture the intricate emotions and joy that were felt on each couple’s special day. Keith is an award-winning member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association and International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.

Keith Simonian Wedding Photography


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