What is a Flush Mount Wedding Album?

Flush Mount Album Thick Pages

Flush mount albums get their names because the entire page is a single photographic print that runs over to the edge or “Flush” with the boarders of each page. Flush mount wedding albums sides are printed as one photo, and then mounted on thick cardboard. This provides not only a beautiful quality wedding album, but also durability for years to come. The pages lay perfectly flat, so the full spread is completely seamless. Flush Mount Wedding Album Speaking of photo album pages, you may hear the term “side” in reference to photo albums while researching about your album or while talking to a professional photographer. You may be thinking what is a side? And how many sides can a typical flush mount wedding album hold? Simply put, a photo album side is one half of a pull album spread of a page. For example a 20 page wedding album would contain 40 sides. A typical album can hold anwhere between 40-120 sides. The BrideBox Marina . Flush Mount Album Thick Pages Photo album covers come in hand cut genuine leather in the color option of your choice, or a photo can be used to wrap the album cover. In the case of the marina flush mount, which comes with a matte or glossy photo cover option. Most brides prefer leather cover albums, but its all about personal preference The flush mount wedding photo album is always handcrafted BrideBox’s flush mount album is crafted by professional print lab technicians, who have been crafting albums for many years. The handcrafted portion of the binding process helps ensure quality and durability for years to come, and made-to-order customization for your unique album. There are special feature that can be added to the flush mount album such as engraving options. Most couples engrave their names and wedding dates on the cover of their wedding albums, in your choice of gold or silver, which especially stands out on a dark leather cover. Rarely, a couple will engrave their pet names for each other. Also, these wedding albums come with an additional leather box option, to protect the album against dust and other harmful elements.

Update 12/4/2014: We recently conducted a small survey with 45 bride participants about wedding albums. One question we did ask brides was “Do you know what a flush mount album is?” Here are the results


The survey results were quite interesting, more than half of the bride participants (26) did not know or were not sure what a flush mount photo album was. Hopefully, after this post and video, you will know and be able to make a proper decision on how you will preserve your wedding photos.

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Liz From BrideBox. Today we are going to discuss “What is a flush mount wedding album?” This term is used by professionals to describe modern wedding albums. Images are printed onto special photographic paper and mounted to cardboard pages that lay flush or flat when you open them. That’s why they’re called flush mount albums. These album pages won’t bend or tear, keeping your photos protected for many years to come. Older style wedding albums were made from prints, 1 or 2 per page, with a mat glued to frame each image. Flush mount albums display your photos seamlessly, so you get the most out of each picture. Album cover finishes come in many materials, such as leather, metal and with different photo finishes. These features and the extra work required to handcraft albums make them more expensive, but they preserve and protect better than coffee table photo books. To learn more about BrideBox wedding abums go to www.BrideBox.com

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