Top 10 Reasons Why Simple Wedding Cakes Are Back in Style

1. Simple is Equal to Elegant

One of the main reasons why these designs have become very popular is because they are associated with elegance. Simple wedding cake ideas allow you to enjoy unspoiled beauty. Elegance is usually uncomplicated and this is exactly what you get with a simple design. With simple wedding cakes you convey a certain message to your guests in a classy and dignified way. Simple does not necessarily mean that your cake has to look boring. You may select a simple carrot or chocolate cake but it will take come skill to make it classy and elegant as opposed to basic and plain.

2. True to their Main Purpose

Wedding cakes are back in style because they are true to their main purpose which is the union of two people who are in love. The simple designs eliminate complications and simply celebrate the marital union.

3. More Appetizing

Simple tends to look more appetizing compared to an intricate one. With a simple wedding cake your guests know exactly what to expect but with a complex design, they may spend time trying to figure out exactly what you intended to communicate and this can make the cake look less appetizing.

4. Cheaper

A Plain cake will cost you less than an intricate design. If you are on a budget, you should explore some of the simple wedding cake ideas. It will require as much care and skill to prepare the cake but there are fewer details on a simple design and this makes it less expensive. It takes more time to come up with intricate designs and this means you have to spend more on them.

5. Does Not Take Focus from Wedding

Simple cakes will not take away your guests focus from what is happening during your wedding. A wedding cake is an essential component in a wedding, but it should not be the main focus. If your design is complicated, some of the guests will spend a lot of time looking at it as they try to figure out the details instead of paying attention to what is going on at the reception.

6. Taste is More Important

There is a shift towards simple cakes because people have realized that taste is more important than intricate designs. The design is essential for the wedding pictures and helping you make a personal statement but the guests will be more interested in how it tastes. With a simple design, you can focus on making the cake yummy, moist, and flavorful.

7. Good Choice for Outdoor Weddings

If you are planning an outdoor wedding reception, a simple wedding cake is a good choice because it is more likely to withstand high humidity and heat. Complicated designs that include chocolate curls, gumpaste flowers and fresh flowers will not look appetizing after being out in the heat. The fewer the details, the less you have to worry about the cake getting messed up.

8. Complements Various Themes

Simple designs can look great in any theme. A simple cake will match with any kind of dress and venue. You can also have some fun decorating the cake table with various flowers and fabrics if the cake is simple.

9. Great for All Seasons

A simple wedding cake can be used in any season. Some cakes such as those that have mousse can only be used in cool weather. Look for simple wedding cake ideas that can be applied in any season.

10. Variety of Options

Most people assume that simple wedding cakes are all round. But it is possible to get a simple cake in different shapes including petal-shaped, triangle, hexagonal, square, and heart shaped.

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