Tips On Delivering Your Wedding Speech

A wedding speech is a crucial point in every wedding. They are most commonly made by the groom, best man, fathers, or even the bride herself. Public speaking can be considered a natural gift, and many people are nervous to have the pressure of standing in front of a large crowd. It can be scary, especially on such an important day.

Timing the Wedding Speech

A wedding speech are traditionally after the meal, but it’s becoming increasingly popular to have the speech prior to the meal. This appeals to many people, especially those who are nervous as it allows the opportunity to get the speech out of the way. After meals, people can also sometimes leave to go outside or to the bar and it can be difficult to rally everyone together. Having a speech before the meal helps to keep everyone’s attention. Be sure not to cut into dinnertime, as there may be set time slots.

Length of the Wedding Speech

The actual running time for everyone’s speeches is about an hour. The last thing you want to do is be the person who bores the audience with your speech and has everyone uninterested. A good wedding speech length per person should be around five minutes. This provides enough time to cover all of the essentials while making sure you have enough time for professional wedding photography.

Practice the Speech

By practicing the wedding speech, you will appear much more comfortable and calm when the time comes to actually read it. If you have only ever skimmed through your speech prior to reading it, you will naturally appear more nervous and are more likely to stumble on your wording. Try also practicing with someone else to ensure the content is enjoyed by others. Have them provide you with constructive criticism if you would like to improve your speech.

Pace Yourself

As with any public speaking, it is important to breathe slowly and always take breaths during your wedding speech. This will help keep you calm and stop you from making your speech too rushed or sounding as if you were in a panic. Your speech will feel much more calm and provide your audience a chance to clap or laugh during the appropriate moments.

Eye Contact

If you are feeling nervous and don’t want to seem like it, smile and make sure you look members of the audience in the eye. This will show that you are happy and trying to engage your audience in your speech will hopefully mirror the effect onto them. Make eye contact with members of the wedding party, which will show your personable side.

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