How to organize a lesbian wedding

Are you going to be the protagonist of a gay friendly wedding? Know that with the help of a lesbian wedding planner you can organize everything with maximum style and zero problems. Just take your time and choose everything right.


Thanks to the invoice that gay marriages are now also granted in Italy, there are many structures in which civil unions between people of the same sex can be celebrated. This opens the way to two possible celebrations that can be held in the chosen wedding location, namely the Civil Rite itself, the Symbolic Wedding. Regarding the Civil ceremony, we can define it as the most popular choice in Italy. The bureaucratic process for civil weddings has been streamlined in recent years, but it is not always possible to celebrate the ceremony in the chosen location. In fact, it is usually mandatory to carry out the rite in the town hall which often does not allow you to set up a ceremony as you would like. In addition, the bureaucratic aspects to be carried out to obtain authorization to celebrate outside the municipal house are long to complete. Here the presence of two witnesses is expected, which could increase if it is decided to celebrate outside.

On the other hand, about the Symbolic rite, it involves the completion of the civil ceremony in common, but the actual ceremony in the chosen location. Women especially love this double face in their marriage, because the female mind is always designed for very complex things. Also because this is almost always the most exciting part in a lesbian marriage. The couple, in fact, will start by choosing the setting and a celebrant for their wedding. Furthermore, in the symbolic rite, everything that is done in heterosexual weddings can be carried out, therefore the wedding march (with pageboys and bridesmaids if you prefer), the exchange of promises and if you want, the reading of texts and poems, which can be of any kind.


Among the most popular destinations in Italy for organizing gay weddings, the south, including Rome, is one of the most chosen places, perhaps for the type of weddings it offers culturally. In fact, in the south people are used to long weddings and dream arrangements, which are often preferred by couples to give more prominence to their special day. If you want more information and want to find the perfect location, then contact a lesbian wedding planner who can organize your dream wedding.

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