How to Make Money by Becoming a Certified Wedding Planner

Here are a few basic questions you might wish to ask yourself:

• Are you looking for a new way of making money?

• Do you want to work for yourself, not somebody else?

• Would you like your business to be home-based?

• Would you prefer to work in something that allows you to exercise your creative talents rather than do ‘jobs like a machine’?

• Are you looking for an occupation that allows you to choose how much time you invest in it and when you do so?

If your answers to some of the above questions are ‘yes’ then you might wish to consider setting up in business as a certified wedding planner.

What is a wedding planner?

Many engaged couples are not naturally gifted when it comes to things such as overall wedding designs or the planning of the event itself.

Even those that are, may prefer to have an expert coming up with ideas and suggestions based upon a mixture of experience, design excellence plus some research.

Then there is the subject of making all the various wedding arrangements. That’s a very demanding and highly time-consuming job that many couples just don’t have the time to attend to themselves.

The bottom line is that people will pay and pay well, for a certified wedding planner to do that for them.

Could you tap into that commercial opportunity? Yes, you could – providing you have certain aptitudes and the appropriate training.

What aptitudes are required?

Let’s be clear about one thing – becoming a wedding planner isn’t necessarily for everyone.

You’ll typically need to be:

• Hard working;

• A good communicator;

• Presentable in your dress sense;

• Dedicated to protecting the interests of your clients and be willing to go that ‘extra mile’ to do so;

• A perfectionist who dots every ‘I’ and crosses every ‘t’ – couples won’t thank you for taking chances and ‘hoping everything will be alright on the day’ where their wedding arrangements are concerned;

• Able to conceptualise things like design – including colour co-ordination;

• Someone who enjoys working within a plan and a defined methodology – ‘winging it’ as an approach to wedding planning will be disastrous.

So, if all those things sound like you then you’ve very probably got what it takes but you’ll need to blend that with training.

Training – giving you the tools for the job

Once you make the decision to be your own boss and become a wedding planner, clearly you’re going to need some training.

There are some excellent wedding planner training courses out there and they can be taken at home in your own time.

They’ll provide you with all the knowledge and methodologies you’ll need to turn your own natural aptitude and enthusiasm into a marketable product. You’ll need those skills to help you get started because just as with any other business start-up, your first challenge will be to obtain those first few clients who will help you to build a portfolio of references.

It’s not easy and couples will expect to see that you’ve undergone training and are certified, if you don’t have that client portfolio – which of course you won’t have on day-1.

So, take training seriously if you wish to become a successful certified wedding planner.

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