Tips on How to Attract the Girl of Your Dreams

There are loads of single guys out there thanks to modern day films which promote dreadful techniques of attracting girls. Most guys think that they can just use a pick up line to get any girl. This is far from the truth because most girls think that lads who use pick up lines are shallow. Before a man approaches a lady, there are certain things that he should be privy to if he wants to get her undivided attention. If you are looking for ways to attract girls here are a few pointers.

1. Confidence – You have probably heard this many times now because it is a fact. Girls like a guy who exudes confidence because they consider it sexy. A confident guy can look a girl in the eye without fluttering. Being confident will make you appear more masculine and women are attracted to manly men.

2. Be a good listener – When you meet a girl for the first time you should really listen to what she has to say. Girls can tell the difference between someone who is listening and one who is pretending to. Pretending to listen will not really get you anywhere in the long run because you won’t know a thing about her.

3. Good grooming – A well dressed person is always attractive. Dressing properly will also increase your confidence levels and the girl you want to approach will notice. Brush your teeth before going out because it would be unfortunate if a girl is interested in you only to be turned off by bad breath. Do not go overboard with the grooming to avoid looking feminine. Just dress appropriately and use a nice fragrance.

4. Great sense of humor – If you can keep her laughing, you are guaranteed to get her attention. A guy with a great sense of humor comes off as self-assured and masculine. As a matter of fact funny guys are known to attract hordes of girls. Be natural and don’t rehearse jokes before a date.

5. Keep a good conversation going – The surest way to keep a girl interested after you approach her is by keeping her hooked conversation-wise. Find a good ice breaker and keep it going from there. Refrain from talking about sensitive topics; keep it simple and general. However, if you are sharing personal information, you need to be frank. Lies always come back to bite you later as they are hard to keep track of.

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