Open Letter to the One I Hurt

To the person I hurt:

Even though I have wronged you when I didn’t intend to, I still wronged you, and, though I accept it’s not my fault, I accept that I hurt you, and pray that one day soon you’ll forgive me and we can reconcile – so you might be at peace.

I did something that I was unable to anticipate fully, yet, here I am, still wondering whether I should have known. I am thankful that God has revealed this matter so I can come to you in this way. I’m hoping, yet not expecting, you’ll respond.

Please know that, even in this state of sorrow I’m experiencing for this thing that has occurred between us, I still love you – that this is possible because of what God has done in my heart because of you. I praise God and take no simple pleasure out of knowing I want the best for you, even though it may seem that I didn’t previously.

I seek that opportunity ahead where I might be able to prove to you my sincerity, but not to save or protect my own skin so much; I want you free of any antagonism within your spirit, as far as it depends on me.

It should seem difficult to write this letter to you, but I’m finding it easier than I thought. I think God is with me, because he knows how important your peace is and he also blesses every act to reconcile – it pleases him and so, therefore, I will try.

I come to you, via this letter, not out of a mood for begging; I do earnestly seek a fresh start though. I want a chance to honour all memory for what has occurred in and through us, so it wouldn’t appear that I’m trying to foreclose on you emotionally.

There are reasons you are hurt that I’m unaware of and probably ignorant about. I hope and pray that you will teach me. Please consider this and I pray as you do that God will confirm it; that this seeking of reconciliation is of God.


When we have hurt someone, perhaps inadvertently, it’s best we seek earnestly and with all our hearts and timeliness to reconcile. The fullest, sincerest humility is not always rewarded by a second chance, but it often is. We must ply our humility in faith. It’s about this other person, and not us at all.

© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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