There is a continuous growing population of people who are engaging into relationships nowadays such as having a boyfriend or a girlfriend and getting married. Also, there are a lot of couples today who encounter a lot of problems in life especially in their relationship but couples should always remember […]

A wedding is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. Due to the importance of the event, you should ensure that the outfit you wear is of the best quality. You should also ensure that you wear the outfit correctly. If you are wondering how you can […]

What do you do when people inexplicably drop out of your world then years later you learn they are sick or preparing to transition? Last night I received the sad news that an old friend is living her last days. It was a strange situation-that friendship. She and I had […]

When searching for that special someone it’s always good to have an image of what he should be like. See, I didn’t start out by coaching women in their love lives, I started out with men. It’s funny when I think about it because what women want from a man […]

Nowadays, many people take wedding rings for granted. They give these items of jewelry with love to their second half, often not knowing the meaning of such present. As you should know, engagement rings are very special items of jewelry. They are more than just jewelry- engagement rings are symbol […]

This morning I woke up thinking of my ex fiancee. As the warm waters of my morning shower washed over me, I contemplated our transgressions and what was the difference between the happy relationship I have now, and the tumultuous one we had together. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a […]

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