Relationship Advice – Signs Of A Cheating Husband

Infidelity of a husband is a serious offense in an intimate relationship and can quickly break hearts and tear a family apart. However, the signs are there even though they sometimes can be hard to recognize. But you first may have to observe carefully and conduct a little investigation in order to gather the proof you need.

You must remember to never throw out accusations without proof.

Take notice of obvious clues: if he leaves home at odd hours or checks for cash are being withdrawn from your combined bank account or an account you also have access to. Credit statements are another form of evidence that should not be overlooked. Take notice of receipts and when and how he answers his cell phone. Note what time he receives calls and to whom he makes them, and how long he talks on the phone.

You may opt to check cell phone messages, missed call numbers and unfamiliar numbers he has dialed. Monitor unscheduled business traveling that may take him out-of-town for the weekend. Look for any unfamiliar distinctive smells on his clothes, such as a woman’s perfume or fragrance.

Check places in the home where he thinks you may not look as this could be a hiding spot for condoms or sex pills, or maybe packaging. Take notice of his sexual behavior… particularly if he’s stopped being romantic or spontaneous. It is very important not to blame his change of habit on yourself.

When you do notice the signs, you need to keep your radar on. Even if you never need to resort to these techniques of scoping out his behavior, it doesn’t mean you should never be aware of such actions. You do not want to be the wife in “the fog” who doesn’t have a clue your mate is cheating. It’s to your advantage to be aware of the signs.

Never blame his cheating on your inability to make him happy. If a husband cheats, then there is something wrong with him… not you. There are no problems in a marriage that can’t be helped with fidelity; infidelity is not a means to save a marriage. You must look at his behavior or actions in a realistic way and realize and accept his infidelity is his choice. There is no such thing as an “accidental” episode of infidelity. It is a conscious decision. As with any decision, if it is a bad one, then the person has to be willing to deal with the consequences that come with it.

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