A Simple Thought of Love

I always believe that loving someone is a magical thing to happen. Sometimes, we are too old-fogy that we could not relate what love really is. We always credit the account to the children who are used in to-make-believe-story. The word love is not very complex that we could not comprehend. Love is something that when we keep thinking of it, we keep smiling, and if you are not busy the whole day you can keep yourself busy smiling. No one is afraid of love, it won’t bite you and it will never offend you.

Interestingly, love is something we cannot deny when we feel it in the exact moment, when momentum seems to be so loud and when time seems stopping. The worlds appear to collide and you are in a deep confusion…

You found yourself in a deep trouble but you were there with a smile buried on your lips.

It always feels that when you’re in-love you always have to be at your best. Whether it is wearing clothes or acting according to behavior. Now, we seem to be found wanting most of the time but we are humans and this time we are confused. You may think that you are on a stage for a show; basically you want to please everybody. Yet we learn one important thing after we step down on the stage, people didn’t expect us to be the best, they expect us to be there wearing our best-so just don’t quit.

As time may be inevitable and unceasing, but for homo-sapiens who is accustom in being in-love and loved, it is always short and never forever. Looking back to the reality, love may not always prevail and no one expects so. There are people too busy squandering their time and effort to nonsense activities. There are countless ironic things human may find if we will try to look for it, and the best part of it, there are those who are too busy creating destructive weapons for human distinction.

Love may never be always part of the story but it is always part of the solution…

A reality bite, the world as we know is plagued by temptations. It’s true, but the moment we come to our senses, we may conclude that temptations are supposed to be there because the nature of love cannot be so exciting without it. Do you agree? You might find it amusing thought but for the benefit of the doubt you might think about it.

Have you heard the phrase, “love is blind?” Majority have. When someone says, “love is blind?” If love is blind, one may argue to facilitate the meaning that love is eternal, regardless of one’s faults, their lies, and their affairs; that regardless of any negative outcome that love overlooks it. If love is blind it can prevail all evil. However, everyone may not agree that, “love is blind.”

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