How to Tell If a Long Distance Relationship Will Work

When a couple has a long distance relationship, one of their primary concerns is to know if their romantic relationship will work in the long run. They’re concerned about the longevity likelihood for their romance so they can avoid heartache before they invest their heart, life, and soul into each other prematurely.

First, let me distinguish between the two primary types of Long Distance Relationships, aka LDR. The first kind of Long Distance Relationship is that which is between two people who have already met each other in person. The second category of Long Distance Relationship is that which between two people who have not yet met who are pursuing a relationship exclusively online. The scope of this article is the help specifically couple who have met in person and have an in person relationship, which for various reasons are now in a Long Distance Relationship.

If the two of you have already met and are enjoying a relationship where you have in person personal interaction, then you have a relationship which is real and is based in physical reality. The two of you already know about how you share personal chemistry and body language signals for developing and fostering your relationship.

For whatever reason, the two of you now are either in or are facing a period of your relationship life where you two are separated physically.

Mutual caring and respect are a priority in your lives.

The two of you make an effort to spend time together and share an activity where you can, even with you’re being apart from each other in a Long Distance Relationship. Many couples where one spouse is serving often in a combat capacity in one of the branches of the military often cannot do this for days at a time. When the two of you discuss this in advance, then you two can reach agreement.

Honoring the value and importance of each other.

Often the spouse who is serving in the military, many of your life variables are outside of your power and control. Know this in advance. Communicate with your spouse well in advance. People in the business world can sometimes feel like their job position is completely in the control of their boss and company. By communicating with your partner and honoring their importance in your life as a priority as well is both a sign of the vitality and longevity of your relationship as well as one of the relationship habits that will contribute to relationship’s success.

Your life paths are aligned and your families are supportive.

Most couples have careers which are separate from each other. However, look at the purpose of the work you both are doing. Are they aligned and supportive of each other? Secondarily, reflect on how supportive your families are of your relationships. When you two share alignment and a supportive family environment, then you can know with confident that your Long Distance Relationship can survive and thrive long term.

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