Exchange Heart Pillows As Gifts for Soldiers

It’s almost never easy to send off a soldier. Whether that soldier is a brother or sister, a husband or wife, a mother or father, or a friend, knowing that there are months or possibly years between the time you say goodbye and the time you see them again can be painful. Some like to send a memento of sorts along with the soldier; something they can be remembered by when the item is looked at, and something that surfaces fond memories and experiences so the long distance doesn’t feel so long. One great way to help close the emotional gap and provide a constant reminder of your love to your soldier abroad is with an exchange heart pillow.

An exchange heart pillow is a stuffed heart that is separated into two pieces, right down the center. One half is kept by you, and the other half is given to the departing soldier. When the two halves come together, the single heart symbolizes the love and friendship shared between you and the other party. When they’re apart, such as when you’re at home and the soldier you gifted the other half with is deployed, it’s a way to express your adoration without being able to do so in person, and it’s something to hug when you can’t hug that special someone who has gone away.

One of the neat features that exchange heart pillows can have are pockets. These can be used to stuff one half of an exchange heart pillow with goodies for the soldier its being given to. For instance, if this particular person has a particular candy they’re fond of, or if you have smaller trinkets you’d like to gift to this person as a gift, you can stuff the pockets as a surprise. You could even stuff the pockets with notes for the owner of the pillow half to read. Of course, if none of these ideas appeal to you, you can line the pockets of your exchange heart pillow with any other items you want.

Keep exchange heart pillows in mind whenever you’re looking for a special gift for the special soldier in your life. No matter your relationship to the departing person in question, it can be a very thoughtful gift and can mean a lot to someone who is traveling to a strange land, away from family, friends, and other loved ones for a significant period of time.

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