Tips And Types of Friendship

Friends help to bring peace and happiness of life, at every stage of life their contribution is required. There is a proverb in English “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. He/she is your friend who helps you when you are in need, on the other hand, someone who needs your help, if you are a true friend, you must extend your whole hearted cooperation towards him/her.

We have friendship day which is being celebrated on the first Sunday of August once a year. Near the beginning of century, the rural community tells us, the inhabitants of the various localities throughout the region of the hills and valleys were arrayed against others, and frequently got involved in personal quarrels by themselves. Having understood the consequences of these disputes the different communities stood on a platform and built up the united community (village) which is called friendship. Mainly to get peace, happiness and safety from combating, they built up friendship.

People get friends from schools, colleges, universities. Business partners, colleagues, neighbors and pets also become friends. There are many types of friends such as pen friends, internet friends, animal friends, and women friends.

Pet friends: Some times we love pet animals better than others. A pet becomes the best friend of a man, pets always protect and help us in different ways.

Internet friends: Online friends are those who have introduced each other through the internet. We are living now in a virtual world, it has become a popular medium of social networking.

Pen friends: When one writes to other regularly through postal mail is called pen friends. Before internet comes it was the best way to make friends in the world.

Women friends: We feel a real attraction of women friends. Some times they make us spoil and crazy, we always ready to spend our valuable time for female friends and also try to do something special for them.

There are so many tips to make special celebration on the friendship day. You can purchase cards, a bouquet of flowers, CD, Books, chocolates, cake or something that added specialness. You make a call over phone, or email every one of our old and new friends to let them understand that you are caring them. Fix a day and invite your all friends, arrange an activity like as cricket, bowling, golf and other games with a tour for a recreation when you get free. If you all busy on the day, then you’ll go for dinner with your friends at night, purchase tickets to enjoy a show together, or host all together a friendship party. You invite your friends through the web, social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others. You also make a book – include their full details with photos. Really, we all should respect our friendship.

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