How To Be A Great Friend

Friends are one of life’s greatest commodities, that are there to share good and the bad times. For most people, of course, making friends is quite easy and it is likely that most people cultivate friendships throughout our lives.

Maintaining strong relationships is something quite different however. Naturally, there are all different levels of friendships; from casual acquaintances to those that are truly to be cherished. This all takes time to build though; shared experiences, problems discussed and trust put into another’s hands which is duly taken care of.

What really sets each apart of course is the level of love, commitment, dedication and understanding that is given. Being someone who others always turn to can really not be underestimated; truly something which separates a casual pal to a dear loved one. It is still not an easy thing to explain though; and perhaps that is the real beauty.

In essence of course, being someone who is fondly thought of is not that hard. It is just about being there, whenever is needed. This sounds oh so simple of course but, here in lies the real test. Being that one person who is always available no matter the need may sound straight forward, but is far from that, Indeed, much the opposite is true.

It means of course putting somebody else first, thinking of them before anything or anyone including one’s self. The bond between a parent and their child is something very similar but, when there are no blood ties, it could readily be argued that the feelings are more profound is anything.

At the end of the day of course, it is probably at times of unhappiness, disappointment, grief and bereavement where the real test of true friendship lies. But further than this, being able to listen empathetically and sympathetically at all times truly shows how strong and resilient those ties are.

Those sad moments aside however, there are of course many joyous times, full of fun, frolics and celebration. At times like these too though, real friends are easy to tell apart from those who are not so close. Most often, this can be seen in the gifts which people give to each other; where real feeling, thought and sentiment is delivered.

Taking time to properly consider just what gift to surprise someone with takes a lot of time and effort. Being able to make it all the more special with a personal touch; say a message that conveys how much someone means, or to mark a special occasion with a tailor made present, can mean so much. Being able to give something that means more than the token itself is of course indicative of the shared love for each other.

No matter what the day may be celebrating, be it a birthday, anniversary, christening, wedding or other momentous occasion, having a gift that is a little bit special with a personal touch can be stunning. Of course though, that the friend is there to spend time at the celebration is in many ways, a far greater gift than anything that can be purchased.

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