Dos and Don’ts for Making Friends

Life is often a little sweeter when you have people to share your problems and successes with. Therefore people all over the world are making friends on daily basis and maintaining existing relationships, but what is the best way of gaining a strong network of ticking hearts? And how can one prevent from looking desperate? Those answers and more in this article, here are my dos and don’ts.

Do show your best self

This may be a no brainer but judging from experience this step is often ignored. It’s so easy to be at your best, yet so many refuse to do the steps. To make a strong impression make sure your hygiene is top notch, haircut is okay and clothes are stainless. You do not have to look like a Hollywood star or a stepped down governor of a curtain state, but please make an effort. Even a little flinch of hair gel will go a long way in looking approachable.

Don’t walk outside the shoes

We often put on masks to achieve better careers, become liked or achieve whatever we desire at a curtain point. And being someone you’re not often works out but it sure has its limits. When making a friend assume that you’re going to spend a lot of time together with this person, putting on a character will definitely not stand the test of time. We are not designed to be someone we’re not for longer periods of time, it’s almost physically impossible. And when we do manage, it will only result in a period of unhappiness.

Do the social talk

People often meet based on 1 common interest or more. A favourite soccer team or recipe is instant gold to get that first conversation rolling. With that knowledge in mind, try actively listening for common interests in your (hopefully crowded) neighbourhood. Making friends in a gym, looking your best, and talking about common goods, is guaranteed success for a lasting friendship.

Don’t look desperate

I talked about this in the intro; it’s a biggie. People have internal radars that can pick up any signal from one of the three communications channels. These are:

  • Verbal: spoken words
  • Non-verbal: smiles, winks
  • Punctual: pauses, sighs, emphasis on words etc.

A desperate person sends negative signals through one of these channels in 9/10 conversations. Think of a slouching position and awkward gaps when desperately trying to find a satisfying answer to a question. So how can you prevent this from happening? Easy: just listen and be genuine. Always try to have your body (chest) open, it shows that you’re genuinely interested in the information. Listen actively to your partner and show your interest by asking questions or asking for confirmation about assumptions. It also helps if you send out curtain genuine non-verbal cues to empower your feelings. The most harvesting conversations will be those, in which you’re talking less than the person opposite the table, remember that.

And there you have it, my dos and don’ts for making friends. Remember that appearance and genuine interest are the most important steps in making successful contact with other people. Whatever you do always listen, because people will always communicate their true feelings in one way or another. Now go out and have a good time, happy people are more approachable, and I hope this article will bring you just that.

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