5 Steps to Creating a Social Circle

Sometimes you may be in a situation, where you are very clear on what you want your social circle to be. If there is no immediate circle or group to access that is similar, CREATING YOUR OWN SOCIAL CIRCLE will likely be the best option.

The first thing, to consider is do you have the PERSONALITY type for it?

When creating a social circle, the founder is usually the person with the most SOCIAL POWER in the group. The individual that has the most invested into the social circle and is responsible for it’s well being.

RESPONSIBLE for it’s well being.

That’s the bit to pay attention to. If you create a social circle you are (well in the beginning anyway), largely responsible for it.

Have you ever heard the saying “Not everyone can be a CHIEF, the world needs INDIANS too.” Not everyone is cut out to be a leader, and if you don’t have the personality type or more importantly the available time, then creating a social circle may not be the best bet for you. You may want to consider ACCESSING a social circle instead.

So let’s assume, you do have the personality type for creating a social circle, and you have the time available, it can be extremely rewarding to create a social circle based around your interests. Everybody has a passion, an interest, a hobby. Something they’re just a little bit cuckoo about.

Imagine how cool it would be if you were around other people who also shared your passion and your interest, and you had an activity where you could enjoy this passion with other people.

So, here’s a step by step process to creating a Social Circle around your interests…

Step 1. Identify your Interests

Step 2. Create a purpose for the group based on your interests

Step 3. Create a regular event or activity where you can partake in the purpose

Step 4. Find CORE members with similar interests

Step 5. Enjoy the event

I’ll give you an example to illustrate how this would look in real life. Now let’s imagine a fella name Patrick, and let’s say Patrick likes cooking and dinner parties. Here’s how Patrick would create a social circle based on his passion.

Step 1. Identify your interests

“Hi I’m Patrick. I love fine dining. I’m passionate about restaurants and food from all around the world. I like eating out, and sampling different tastes. My perfect evening would be to try a new restaurant in town with some really cool friends or partner. Or maybe go to a dinner party where the food prepared was different and exciting.”

Step 2. Create a purpose for the group based on your interests

“Wouldn’t it be really cool if I had a group of friends who also like fine dining or cooking. That would the best social circle ever. I want a bunch of us to try all the unique and quirky restaurants that are in London. Restaurants where the dining experience is a little bi out of the ordinary. Actually better yet, I could make a really cool dinner party, where everyone had to bring or prepare a dish that was from their native country. That would be cool. London is so multi cultural, that way I would get to try foods from all over the world.”

Step 3. Create a regular event or activity where we can partake in the purpose.

“Right. Well I don’t have the time to do the dinner party weekly. Let’s start monthly and see how it goes. Every month, we get together and try the different foods that each person has prepared from their home country. I think Sunday night works best with my schedule. It’s also a perfect way to end the week.”

Step 4. Find CORE members with similar interests.

“Hmmm. This is going to be a little tricky. I only have a couple of friends and I don’t think they can cook. Let’s have a look at meetup.com and see if there are any people that share my interests…

Perfect. There’s a group on here with people that also share my passion for cooking. I’ll invite some of them to my dinner party. I might even create an event on here so that other people can see it too.”

Step 5. Enjoy the event

“That was such a great evening. 11 people showed up which was amazing. I met some fantastic people and got to enjoy some wonderful food. Everyone had such a good time, and kept saying they were going to bring some friends along to the next one. I can’t wait to next month. This is perfect.”

So that’s just a small example, but you could apply that process to any interest. The cool thing about it as well, is that Patrick would have all the SOCIAL POWER in the situation, and could literally hand pick who he wants in the group. A lot of guy’s complain about not having friends, or people who share their interests. A number of guy’s also wish they could find a woman to date that also has similar interests to them but don’t have the first clue how to go about doing it.

By creating your own social circle, not only can you create it around your interests, but you can also add exactly which type of guys and girls to your social circle that you desire.

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