3 Simple Steps to Help You Become Socially Established in Your First Year at University

With the new university year about to start there are countless young faces all over the United Kingdom who are eager to get to their new home. Many will be both excited and nervous about the prospect of meeting new people and having to live with strangers for the next year of their lives. Undoubtedly there will be personality clashes along the way, so what advice is there to give to those who are just about to make the transition to university?

Everybody is Different

Although it might seem like one of life’s fundamental facts, it can sometimes be easy to forget that not everybody behaves in the same way as you do. You’re going to meet people from all walks of life at university, and although you’ll make some of your best friends there, you’ll also meet people who you don’t get along with quite so well. Do not pick arguments for the sake of it. If someone is genuinely having a negative impact on your university experience then talk to them about it. It might just be that they meant no harm by anything they said, but they simply act in a different way than you are used to.


Getting along with the people you share your digs with is important. Even if you’ve found a group of friends who live elsewhere, it’s still good to maintain a civil relationship with the people that you live with. You could cook together once a week or perhaps just make the effort to ask them about their day. You might not want to ever speak to these people again after your year in halls is over, but at least make the effort to be friendly whilst you’re there. If nothing else, it might stop them from stealing your milk.


Don’t form groups within the group. There is nothing worse than feeling ostracized, so make sure that everybody feels involved. Often disputes can arise because one person is introverted and emotional whereas the other is practical and confident. There’s no reason why these two personality types can’t get on, as long as both are willing to make the effort with the other.

Keep Your Door Open

It might seem silly, but keeping your door open in that first week of term is a great way to make friends. You’ll find that if you shut yourself away then everybody else will quickly bond and you’ll be left behind, which could cause negative thoughts about your flat mates to fester.

University is a great chance to meet new people and try new things. Don’t let arguments and petty differences ruin your first year, and if disputes do occur then try to solve them as soon as possible.

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