Top 5 Mistakes When Organizing An Outdoor Ceremony

Spring is the perfect time for a wedding. Mainly if the celebration occurs in nature, surrounded by flowering trees or a green garden.

The charm of such a celebration is undeniable, but it is worth remembering that behind it is many thorough months of preparation. Even the most beautiful idea risks failing if you do not take the organization seriously.

Top 5 mistakes organizers often make

Consider these mistakes and do not repeat them; the wedding in nature will certainly be held at the highest level!

Mistake #1. Wrong place of registration.

If you want to hold a wedding ceremony in a small gazebo or veranda, inviting more than 100 guests (not counting the attendants), think again carefully. Not everyone will be happy with tightness.

The same applies to outdoor areas under the scorching sun. Guests will feel uncomfortable, as well as the photographer and videographer, who will have to try very hard to choose a good angle. Not to mention the drops of sweat on the faces and clothes of those present, fainting, or burns.

In case of bad weather, prepare umbrellas and blankets (if it’s cool). You will remember such care for the guests much better than the most touching vows of the young.

Mistake #2. Refusal to rehearse

It would be best if you always rehearsed an outdoor wedding – there are no exceptions to the rule. Like other wedding participants, the newlyweds must know when and where to go out, where to stand, etc. At first glance, such details seem insignificant, but they create the background of the holiday. The idea of ​​hiring organizers in the style of “just come and have a ceremony” is doomed to failure in advance.

A lot of awkward situations happen at the moment of the exchange of rings. If you do not rehearse the ceremony, how do you know who puts on the ring first – the bride or groom? According to the rules, this is the groom.

And to not complicate the work of processing the material for the operator, you need to put on the ring so that the hand does not entirely cover the palm of the bride (and vice versa). Do it slowly.

The bride may have a hitch with the bouquet while exchanging rings. Where to put it? To whom to give? In the worst case, he is taken under the arm. It is not valid, at the wedding there must be a small table on which you can put everything that interferes at the moment.

Rehearsal allows you to exclude all these minor annoying blunders.

Mistake #3. Unfamiliar photographer and videographer.

This unfortunate blunder is complemented by another one – the bride and groom forget to show them the site where they will have to work.

In the case of rare success (or luck), both will do their job perfectly. But it happens otherwise. For example, a videographer wants to shoot a long shot, and a photographer is sitting in the aisle whose clothes do not fit the dress code. You have to forget about the general plan. Then the photographer and the videographer express their dissatisfaction with each other.

Make sure they know all the site features, choose the best shooting points, etc. In the room, lighting and the location of windows are of paramount importance. But on the road, the sun’s position plays a role when painting. There are many other details. Feel free to discuss them with professionals.

Mistake #4. Contractors in the frame.

None of the attendants should be in the photo or video, especially during the ceremony. It doesn’t look pleasant at a wedding. If you invite a DJ, give him a place that does not fall into the lens of any cameras.

Mistake #5. Registrar in the arch.

Photos in which the registrar is in the arc look depressing. This tradition came from the Catholic Church where a priest stood in the centre, and in front of him were two young people. But if you invite a registrar to the wedding, not a temple servant, he should stand on the side.

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