Engagement Gift Ideas Under $50

There are a lot of wonderful engagement gifts that can be found for about $50 or less. Many couples may not have registered for gifts because it is so early in the engagement, so you may be on your own when coming up with gift ideas.

If you know the couple well, then finding a suitable gift should not be too difficult. If you are unsure about their tastes, you can still find a universal gift that all soon-to-be married folks will enjoy. Many times a gift that will benefit their new home together will be appreciated. Decorative items for their backyard or even special cookware for their kitchen can be a great way to celebrate their engagement with them.

Here are some engagement gift ideas under $50 to give you ideas:

Fun Picnic Basket

Who doesn’t enjoy a picnic at the park or beach? Let the couple have some fun with a picnic basket for two. There are picnic baskets that look traditional, but nowadays there are also picnic totes and specialty totes for just wine, wine and cheese, and other modern takes on the traditional picnic basket. If you are unsure what type of basket you should get, consider getting a simply solid colored basket and including items that you know the couple will enjoy.

Wine Decanter / Wine Decanter Accessories

Red wine lovers everywhere can appreciate the beauty and function of a decanter. Not only does a decanter look elegant on the dinner table, it also helps to enrich the flavor of red wines. If you are considering a decanter for the couple, you might also want to throw in a decanter drying rack and cleaning beads to ensure that they are all set to enjoy this lovely gift. There are also lots of other wine gifts and accessories that any wine lovers would appreciate.

Outdoor Chime

Is the couple moving into a new home together soon? Would they enjoy and appreciate a beautiful outdoor chime? Chimes are a great way to decorate an outside patio or balcony, regardless of whether the couple will be living in an apartment or house. Chimes come in a variety of different styles and sounds. And the familiar chiming will likely become of great reminder of their commitment to one another.

Engagement Gift Baskets

Engagement gift baskets are a cool engagement gift idea that you can send to the happy couple if you do not live nearby. There are so many different types of gift baskets available, making it easy to go beyond the traditional fruit and coffee baskets.

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