Designer Engagement Rings – 5 Tips on Selecting a Designer for Your Engagement Ring

So you finally decided you want to get married, the next thing to do is to tell your loved one. All elements for the proposal are ready: the right location to pop the question has been chosen, the chairs and tables, the food, the flowers; setup is complete except for one thing – the ring. Since you wanted it to be very special you look into the myriad choices of designer engagement ring. As much as the plethora of engagement rings available out there is the overwhelming number of designers to choose from, and you have to fish for the right designer just like you are shopping for the right ring. Here are five tips on selecting a designer.

  1. Whether shopping online or on local stores, make sure the designer is a member of the American Gem Society or AGS before you buy. AGS is a non-profit trade association of independent appraisers, gemologist, retail jewelers, and suppliers among others, who underwent a thorough qualifying process, in the US, Canada, and Europe. They train and certify gemologist and jewelry appraisers. American Gem Society members display high standards and uphold ethical practices in the business. Having a designer who is AGS member is a guarantee you are not to get low quality, ripped-off ring.
  2. Research about the designer. Now that you’ve validated that the designer is AGS member, take a step further learn of the reputation and credibility of the designer and the shop in your community. Visit Better Business Bureau. They not only provide information about jewelers they also accept complaints on unresolved issue within a jewelry shop. There you may find out if there are complaints on the designer shop before you buy from it.
  3. Inquire about the services of the designer shop. Do they provide maintenance works for jewels like the ring? Is there a laboratory inside the shop? Do they give warranty? Does the designer house have a gemologist on staff?
  4. A good jeweler will respect your budget and will help you find what you really need. Be open and honest to the jeweler. Tell the specifications you want and the budget you have. If the jeweler do respond to your queries and considers your needs you’re on the right hands. However, if the jeweler is too pushy and replies with memorized sales pitch or by any means make you feel uncomfortable, you might as well look for another store.
  5. Research other designers to see the range of styles and price. After all, the only thing that matter is having the ring that looks like what your loved one loves. Other jewelry store may offer a variety of styles of rings, but if a unique or exotic ring is desired then going to a designer house is the best option.

Designer engagement rings are guaranteed to stand the test of time. They are good investment and can even be a family heirloom and are passed on from generation to generation so undertaking the hassle of finding the right designer and designer engagement ring is definitely worth it.

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