Things You Need to Know When Dating an Older Guy

For those who started dating in high school, it would usually be with a classmate or a peer. The age difference isn’t all that significant. Even though back then it may be a big deal if a Junior is dating a Senior, when you reach your 30s, a couple years of age gap won’t be that big of a deal anymore. But what if the guy you are interested in is about 10 years or so older?

In love, age should not matter. But there are some instances when it can be a challenge for some, both for the woman and the man. If you really want to be with this older guy, you have to be aware of and prepared for certain idiosyncrasies of this alliance.

The Generation Gap

If he is older by about 10 years or more, chances are you grew up from different eras-he was in high school in the 80s and you in the 90s. In this case, you might find that your ideas on what is considered “cool” or interesting will be different from that of your guy’s. Your taste in music, for example, could vary a lot: he likes to listen to Duran Duran while you like Spice Girls.

If you let this become a problem, you might find yourself fighting for which station to listen to while you’re both in the car. But this shouldn’t be. You can always find a compromise, find music that both of you like. Even if you grew up in different decades, you can always find a common ground whether it be in music or other things.

The Awkward Stares

Being significantly younger than your date could sometimes mean that you will have to endure the piercing (and sometimes judgmental) look from the other patrons of the restaurant, or from pedestrians while walking down the street, or from the group of kids in the park, and anywhere else you and your man might be, especially if he looks old enough to be your dad.

Don’t let this bother you. Thankfully, nowadays it has become more common for people who are years apart to be seen dating. There are only very few who are close-minded enough to judge and look down upon such a situation. As long as you really like each other and that you both know that you are not hurting anyone else, then the opinion of those who don’t agree should not matter.

Maturity Level

This is a big plus when it comes to dating an older man. He is generally bound to have more experience and he is more mature than his younger counterpart Save for some exceptional circumstances, the older guy has already been around enough and will be less likely to be looking around for a good time. The older man is ideal for settling down-he is at that point when he is in search of a partner with whom he will spend the rest of his life. If you are looking for stability, then the older guy is for you.

But take note: he is looking for a partner, not a daughter. Just because you are the younger one doesn’t mean that you have an excuse to be extremely immature and childish. He needs his woman to be psychologically and emotionally stable too.

If you feel that your man is the one for you, there should be no issue that the two of you can’t overcome. Thanks to his experiences, he might already know how to handle the relationship too. This could mean that you don’t have to bear all the burden of making it work. You could truly be partners in this and take your relationship to a whole new level hand-in-hand.

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