Things To Remember When Dating a Younger Guy

In dating, when a man is a few years older by let’s say about 5-8 years, it is still not at all significant. But what if it is the woman who is older? Thanks to Demi Moore, Courtney Cox and Madonna, such a pair is no longer as stigmatized. Age should not be a hindrance to finding love, or at least a date.

If you have are interested in a younger guy, you have to know what you are getting yourself into. This is not to scare women away from seeing a younger guy, but just to give you a heads-up about some issues that may arise.

The Age Issue

Even if he was the one who asked you out, sometimes issues about the age difference could crop up in certain instances. Just be prepared and on the look out not to let it dampen the passion you have for each other. Age is only an issue if you make it one. Treat him as you would a guy your age. One thing a man does not want to feel is being inferior. He may be junior in years, but he is still your equal in the relationship.

Who Gets the Tab

If you are dating a man who is not as financially stable as his older counterpart (or you), then there has to be a clear understanding of who gets to pay when you go out. If you don’t mind going dutch, then it is probably a good setup. Or better yet, get creative and find ways to go out and have fun without having to spend so much. Restaurants and movies are not the only places to go when on a dateanyway. Plus, if your guy is younger, he’s bound to be more creative and adventurous. Just go with it and who knows where your date could take you.

Partner or Son?

Another issue about the older-women-younger-man relationships is that there could be confusion between having a partner or having a kid to take care of. If you are really looking for a serious partner, take a look at how your man sees you-a mate or a mother? Women are naturally nurtures, but that doesn’t mean that you have to baby your lover. As I have said earlier: treat him as an equal, not a child.

Where Is It Going?

Women are generally more mature than men of the same age. This follows that there is a very big risk that a man much younger could be much less mature than you in terms of emotions, priorities, among other things. Most men in their 20s do not give too much thought about settling down yet. They are out to have fun and experience the world. Take note that men of this age could be just starting out to live independently and make a name for themselves.

If you don’t mind going along with his lifestyle, then it could work out just fine. But if you’re looking to settle down, you may have to thoroughly assess where he is right at the moment. If you’re not on the same page, it may be time to move on and find one who has the same outlook as yours. You can’t force a man to settle down if he’s not ready for it. Doing so will only bring heartache.

But if you feel that you have found a partner in a younger man, congratulations! You are in for lots of adventure and experiences that you may not get from a man your age or older. Relax, enjoy the ride, and who knows, he may be the right one for you.

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