That Dirty Mouth: Get Her Hot Just by Talking

What do you think it takes to get a woman horny? How about showing her your manhood? Well, depending on the type of woman you’re showing it to, it could work, but why risk a kick in the groin or having the police called on you? How about talking dirty? Doesn’t work on women, you say? Actually, that’s exactly what you should try. There’s a way to do it and get the desired results. Would you like to know how? If you do, keep reading and I’ll share with you just how to do it and have her soaked and wanting you.

Why It Works

Before I tell you how to talk dirty to your woman, I think you should know just why it works. Men are visually stimulated, which is why they get aroused by porn. Women are stimulated in the mind more than the eye, which is why you see many women reading romance novels. Talking dirty to your girlfriend over the phone allows her to imagine in her mind all the things you are telling her.

Express Your Desires

You know all of the things that you think of that you would like to do to your lady if she were there with you, so why not tell her? Using a low, sexy, dirty voice, tell her all the things that you want to do to her. Whatever your fantasy, let it out, unless it’s something that you know she wouldn’t go for, like having her and another woman at the same time. If you know she would go for that, then by all means, express it. You don’t want to go too far lest you offend her or make her angry and hang up on your or even break up with you.

For example, maybe you fantasize about tying her up and teasing her until she’s ready to burst. Perhaps tell her you want to do role playing, like being the teacher keeping an unruly or failing student after class, spanking her for punishment. See how easy it is? Whatever your fantasy, whether it is gentle or rough, common or unique, tell her about it. Describe in detail what you would do for her and to her and you will have her squirming in her seat, getting hotter by the minute and soon ready to get over to your place or begging you to go to hers and do those things.

Sound Effects

While you’re unleashing all of the dirty things on your mind into your woman’s ear, give her those moans and groans to let her know how hot it makes you just thinking about everything you would do to her. Let her know that it’s so exciting that you’re touching yourself, wanting to explode but that you’re keeping it under control until you are with her again, saving that orgasm for later after you give her a few.

Some women may not be aroused at all by dirty talk, but most will be if you do it right. Just don’t get too crazy with the fantasies you share with her and all will be well. For more tips on how to get your woman sexually excited without even touching her, or any other topic related to dating, love, and sex, subscribe to my newsletter. You’ll be glad you did.

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