To the person I hurt: Even though I have wronged you when I didn’t intend to, I still wronged you, and, though I accept it’s not my fault, I accept that I hurt you, and pray that one day soon you’ll forgive me and we can reconcile – so you […]

Meeting women can appear to be very frightening. If you are a man and you don’t know how or where to meet women, then you are destined to a life of misery and loneliness. This puzzle has for all times been one of the biggest worries for many men. Not […]

How do you know if someone is using emotional blackmail to get what they want from you? Use the checklist below to see if your boyfriend/girlfriend is using emotional blackmail to manipulate you. Do they threaten to make your life difficult if you don’t do what they want? Threaten to […]

At least one point in our lives we’ve heard, “A relationship requires a strong foundation” or something along those lines. A relationship does require a strong foundation, but prior to creating a strong foundation with someone else one must establish his or her individual foundation. Two individual foundations equal a […]

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