Sometimes you may be in a situation, where you are very clear on what you want your social circle to be. If there is no immediate circle or group to access that is similar, CREATING YOUR OWN SOCIAL CIRCLE will likely be the best option. The first thing, to consider […]

Life is often a little sweeter when you have people to share your problems and successes with. Therefore people all over the world are making friends on daily basis and maintaining existing relationships, but what is the best way of gaining a strong network of ticking hearts? And how can […]

Friends help to bring peace and happiness of life, at every stage of life their contribution is required. There is a proverb in English “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. He/she is your friend who helps you when you are in need, on the other hand, someone who […]

Friends are one of life’s greatest commodities, that are there to share good and the bad times. For most people, of course, making friends is quite easy and it is likely that most people cultivate friendships throughout our lives. Maintaining strong relationships is something quite different however. Naturally, there are […]

What do you do when people inexplicably drop out of your world then years later you learn they are sick or preparing to transition? Last night I received the sad news that an old friend is living her last days. It was a strange situation-that friendship. She and I had […]

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