When social networking arrived on the scene, the opportunities for flirting exploded. All of a sudden, practically anyone could talk, send pictures and video to anyone, anywhere. No need for a computer any more with mobile phone technology rapidly blurring the gap between phone and computer. Communication can be private […]

Friends are one of life’s greatest commodities, that are there to share good and the bad times. For most people, of course, making friends is quite easy and it is likely that most people cultivate friendships throughout our lives. Maintaining strong relationships is something quite different however. Naturally, there are […]

There is a continuous growing population of people who are engaging into relationships nowadays such as having a boyfriend or a girlfriend and getting married. Also, there are a lot of couples today who encounter a lot of problems in life especially in their relationship but couples should always remember […]

A wedding is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. Due to the importance of the event, you should ensure that the outfit you wear is of the best quality. You should also ensure that you wear the outfit correctly. If you are wondering how you can […]

What do you do when people inexplicably drop out of your world then years later you learn they are sick or preparing to transition? Last night I received the sad news that an old friend is living her last days. It was a strange situation-that friendship. She and I had […]

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