Your 18th Wedding Anniversary Inspiration in 9 Ideas

So, what are you planning on your 18th wedding anniversary?

Just because it does not fall under any milestone year, there is no reason to take the 18th wedding anniversary year lightly. Look at it this way — you are just two years away from the 20th year, which is definitely a landmark!

When couples stick that long with one another, they almost begin to anticipate what the other person thinks, feels and wants. But, human nature being what it is, even though you know that she adores going to the mountains rather than the sea for holidays, did you know that of late her thoughts are increasing turning towards an ocean side villa? See, you didn’t. So, back to the basics. The comfort level is enormous, but nothing like an element of surprise to rev up the romance, eh?

Interestingly, while most anniversary years have a list of traditional and contemporary gifts (making it so much easier for the husbands), the 18th year calls upon your creative and innovative skills. That’s right. There is no traditional gift or flower associated with it, although the modern gift is porcelain, while the gemstones are cat’s eye and opal.

So, here are some 18th wedding anniversary gift ideas that will have her throwing her arms around you in sheer delight:

1. Okay, so you have decided to play it safe and allow an expert to lead you — at least you are sure of being on the right track, eh? The contemporary gift is porcelain – symbolising grace, aesthetic appeal and a delicate charm. Porcelain objects and artefacts can make classy gifts and always appear elegant — so much like her.

2. Porcelain gift ideas – Is she fond of collecting porcelain figures? Hunt for some really exquisite and unique pieces to add to her growing repertoire. A personalised porcelain mug carrying a tender love message from you to her will make her morning cuppa so much more memorable! Or go the whole way and present her with a beautiful porcelain tea set. Other great options are a special photograph of the two of you in a porcelain mirror frame, porcelain vases and bowls.

3. Jewellery – This is a fairly safe wicket and a time-tested one at that! But, making the choice that much easier for you is the fact that cat’s eye and opal are the two gemstones for the 18th wedding anniversary year. So, if you want to go strictly by tradition, pick jewellery which has either or both of these stones. Did you know – Cat’s Eye is reputed to attract powerful blessings for its wearer, not the least of which are freedom from financial worries, ill-health and mental tension. It is also a remarkably tough gemstone — a prophetic and befitting stone for this anniversary year. You could present her with a lovely ring set with a twinkling, gleaming Cat’s Eye stone. Opal is another beautiful gemstone and embedded in a porcelain ring will make an exquisite ring.

4. Think out of the box – Go on a romantic picnic! Yes, why not? Picnics are not just for family and children, you know. If your anniversary happens to fall during pleasant weather, then make full use of Nature’s benevolence! Pack a hamper filled with organic and gourmet goodies, a bottle of bubbly, juice, paper napkins, and tablecloth. Don’t forget the digital camera — you want to videotape the glorious moments. And, to add a touch of class to the proceedings, pack two porcelain mugs from which to drink your beverages!

5. Flowers – The 18th anniversary year does not cater to a special flower as such and so the filed is wide open. If you feel roses to be too predictable and repetitive, then go for some exotic blooms such as orchids or tulips. Better still, throw together a mixed bouquet of lovely flowers that symbolise the many hues and textures of your wedded life!

6. Trip down memory lane – Put together a memorable collection of all the special photographs over the last 18 years. They could be as poignant as a silhouette of hers capture when she wasn’t looking or as naughty as the two of you caught in a passionate lip-lock! All packed in a porcelain box, of course.

7. Gourmet wining and dining – What with all the family responsibilities, raising kids, making a career and all the rest of it, you can count on the fingers of one hand the last time the two of you really splurged just on yourselves. Well, your 18th anniversary is the perfect occasion to stop counting pennies and make a splash. Book a corner table at a swanky restaurant (or, even a local popular one, if you want), and arrange with the manager to have candles and cake on your table on the big night. The fact that you can still mange to be so romantic even after 18 years would be the icing on the cake for her.

8. Declare your love — again! When was the last time that you said, ‘I love you’ to her? This does not include that while-reading-the-newspaper variety where you were engrossed in the latest stock market crash while mechanically mouthing niceties. Or absently mumbling it while dropping a quick kiss while on your way to work. No, this refers to the goose-bumpy, looking-deeply-into-her-eyes variety. When was the last time — last week, last month, last year….forget it. Do it now! While multitasking as a wife, mum, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, etc, she has probably forgotten what it is to be just a woman. And while she is still recovering from the unexpected (but delicious) assault on her senses, whip out a velvet box in which nestles your anniversary gift.

9. A forerunner for the next ten years! That’s right. Nothing eases a woman’s mind quite so much as the assurance that her man is hers for keeps. And if that assurance is in more or less continuous supply, why then, she isn’t asking for anything else. Make plans for your lives together for the next, say, ten years. Plan a bigger house, a new business, or anything else that shows that she will always be an important part of your life. Involve her in every step of the planning, take her advice and make her feel special.

Now that you are aware of the prerequisites for a grand 18th wedding anniversary celebration, what are you waiting for? Go out there and floor her!

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