Symbolic Anniversary Gifts

Throughout times, certain anniversary gifts have been given according to the number of years that a couple has been with each other. Though this idea has been around since the Middle Ages, it was largely pushed by jewelry companies. Nevertheless, such themed gifts can be fun.

In a relationship among people who are too young to be married, it is sometimes common to see the exchange of a promise ring-a statement that the two lovebirds will stay loyal to each other and “go steady.”

When engaged, a couple wears engagement rings. However, the in the initial purchase of an engagement ring can be risky, for success is difficult to predict. Many people choose to buy wholesale diamonds, or reduce risk using money back guarantee diamonds. There are many jewelers who sell these, as well as wedding bands for the couple to wear after the marriage.

For the first anniversary, it is traditional to give paper. Modern times also suggest clocks. The paper can be given in many forms, such as a piece of art, a fine notebook, a photo album, a finely framed photo, origami, stationary, tickets, and books. The clock can be anything from a pretty watch to a decorative wall clock. The symbolic flower for the first year of marriage is a carnation.

The traditional gift for the fifth year of marriage is wood. The modern gift is silverware. Wood can also come in many forms, such as finger rings, jewelry, furniture, dolls, frames, and art. Silverware is a little more difficult to be creative with, though some very nice sets can be found in many stores. Daisies are the traditional flowers for this anniversary.

Diamond jewelry isn’t given until the tenth anniversary. Those who want high quality diamonds are known to look for GIA diamond rings. However, if diamond is too expensive, the traditional gift is tin or aluminum, which can be given in the form of watches, tins, cups, jewelry boxes, decorations, and trinkets. The traditional tenth-anniversary flower is the daffodil.

For the twentieth anniversary, the traditional gift is china, and the modern gift is platinum. China can be traditional plates and bowls, but figurines are also popular and traditional. Platinum is a notoriously valuable material and is often adorned with gemstones. Certified diamonds are popular amongst particular spouses, especially EGL loose diamonds as well as high quality GIA certified diamonds. Aster is the twentieth anniversary flower.

Silver and sterling silver are the traditional gifts for the twenty-fifth anniversary. It is most popular to give silver jewelry, though silver is used to make a number of other things, including silverware, bowls, vases, art, and figurines. The traditional flower is the iris.

Pearls and diamonds are the symbolic gifts for couples celebrating their thirtieth anniversary. This can be accomplished quite easily with jewelry. The jewelry can incorporate pearls or diamonds or even both, though that might seem a little gaudy. Pearls are ideal if your spouse disapproves of the diamond industry. Purchasing a non conflict diamond is generally a good idea, as non conflict diamonds prevent funding for dictators and rebels in warring countries. The traditional thirtieth anniversary flower is the lily.

The years following also mainly consist of precious and semiprecious gemstones. Jade and coral is for the thirty-fifth anniversary. Rubies are the traditional and modern symbolic fortieth anniversary gifts. Sapphires are for the forty fifth, gold is for the fiftieth, emerald is the fifty fifth, diamond is the sixtieth, platinum is the seventieth, and oak is for the eightieth. If a couple is alive and wealthy on their hundredth wedding anniversary, then they can give the gift of a 10k diamond.

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