5 Unique Anniversary Gifts That Will Spice Up Your Marriage

Every couple knows that even with deep love, affection, and a strong devotion, a marriage needs the occasional new spark. Passion has its ups and downs, but a little spice, change, and spontaneity are sure to help. Take a look at a few unique anniversary gifts or any day of the year gifts that can bring some extra flame to your relationship.

Keep in mind as you are choosing some romantic gifts, that in any marriage, some out of the ordinary, surprise, or completely different choices may be the perfect way to sweep her off her feet or fill him with renewed passion. Over the years, you will have learned your partner’s favorites and naturally these are wonderful items to turn to, but not exclusively. Why stray from the roses that always please or the favorite dessert that he adores? When we start a conversation about excitement and a return to that new, passionate love, the key is the unexpected and exceptional.

1) Sexy Photos. This can be personalized so keep an open mind on what “sexy” means in your relationship. Both men and women will love being surprised by a private, intimate picture of the one they love. If it is embarrassing to hire a photographer, set up your camera to timer and do it yourself. Or step it up with a video camera. Find an outfit (or not) that you know he or she will find irresistible and put aside restraints.

2) Get A Unique Outfit. This may be in the form of lingerie you have never tried or may include a little dressing up. There are tons of unique choices out there so look around. This is for guys, too, so go have fun with it.

3) Save Up and Shock. If you purchase luxurious anniversary gifts each year, this is not for you. However, if expensive jewelry, electronics, or other high-end gestures are not typical, save up for a while and give your spouse a tremendous surprise.

4) Go Beyond Date Night. Schedule an overnight, weekend, or even longer date without his or her knowledge. It may take some planning and help from family and friends, but it is worth it! Find some out of ordinary activities to do both in and out of the hotel room.

5) Make It Personal. The simplest of gifts is made special with some extra thought and personal touch. Use inside jokes, nicknames, romantic moments you’ve shared, or dreams and fantasies. The times you have laughed and loved will bring a spark when you remind her or him.

This is just the beginning. Try a couple of ideas and discover and new bond and excitement. Unique gifts can go a long way.

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