11 Ways to Turn Her 9th Wedding Anniversary Up to 11!

All wedding anniversaries are special — whether it is the second year or the second decade. In these days of quick-marriage-and-even-quicker-divorce, any marriage that lasts beyond the honeymoon stage deserves to be celebrated!

Nine years of togetherness is no laughing matter — definitely a milestone in every sense of the term. A special day commemorating a special event in your life — to be celebrated with that special person.

Naturally, gifts and anniversaries are inseparable. So, what gifts are you planning to give your spouse which will tell her just how very unique she is?

For those creatively inclined, your choice is restricted only by your imagination! However, for those who seem to be stuck in the chocolates-flowers card rut, help is at hand. Each anniversary year has its own set of traditional and modern gifts as well as flowers and gemstones. You can easily make your 9th wedding anniversary gifts a diverse mix of the modern and the traditional.

Here are some ideas that showcase your creativity and resourcefulness!

Traditional and contemporary 9th anniversary gift ideas:

1. Willow is the traditional 9th anniversary gift. Get her a delicate willow figurine or plant a weeping willow tree in the garden and watch it grow over the years — like your love.

2. Pottery is an alternative traditional 9th gift. Pottery can be elegant and classy or fun and funky — take your pick! Show her that your love is burning as brightly as it was on your wedding day with a delightful bouquet of clay/ pottery roses.

3. Charm her with some unique ceramic pottery — maybe a lovely ceramic house decorated with roses which can also function as a small table lamp. If you can splurge, then some exotic Tuscan ceramics and Italian pottery that she can show off at her next party might be a great idea!

4. Leather is the modern 9th anniversary gift. For a contemporary touch, nothing beats leather. How about a classy leather bag or purse with a special gift tucked inside?

5. For the young and trendy woman, a chic leather flask in some hot colour like pink or mauve, complete with a monogram of her name on it, will make it a one-of-a-kind gift.

6. How about a leather jewellery roll with an anniversary ring inside?

7. Get creative! Jewellery gifts should be easy since you have two gemstones for the ninth anniversary year. Wrap some Tiger Eye and Lapis Lazuli pendants around a bunch of fresh poppies (the traditional flower for this year), and place them in a ceramic vase on her bedside table. Her wide-eyed look and thrilled smile should be worth all the effort.

Romantic gifts/ ideas:

1. Nine roses for the ninth year — but with a difference. Flowers wilt all too soon –even red roses — but you want to preserve them for eternity since they symbolise your undying love for your wife. Get gold, silver, platinum or crystal roses instead. If chocolates are her weakness (after you, of course) then tickle her funny bone and seduce her taste beds with some delicious-looking chocolate roses.

2. Book a limousine and surprise her with a sightseeing tour of the city. That’s right, even if you have been living in the same city for years, chances are that you still haven’t seen many of the sights that a visiting tourist is sure to have. Pack a picnic hamper if you both love to eat outdoors or head for a fancy restaurant for a quiet anniversary lunch once the excursion is over.

3. If you have children, then arrange for a babysitter or grandparents to step in and take care of them while the two of you rediscover your old magic. Have dinner at a swanky restaurant and then whisk her off to a five star hotel for the night. The sheer unexpected luxury of the entire experience will have her totally delighted and thrilled.

4. Make a gigantic card for her. Cover it with nine huge roses (real or paper), get colourful with crayons and glitter and stick nine love notes on it — each giving a reason why you love her so much.

Romance is the key to unlock a woman’s heart and the man lucky enough to achieve that will always have roses even in December!

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