#1 Reason to Celebrate Your Anniversary Every Year and Forevermore

When a couple decides to get married there is a lot of support from family and friends and everything is new and exciting, Out of all the gifts newlyweds receive, the #1 gift should be the Honeymoon of their dreams. Too many times this integral event is not given its due attention. Most couples that have been happily married for many years can attribute it to the fact that they commit to carving out special time just for themselves. Celebrating your anniversary like it is your honeymoon every year should be a #1 priority of every couple.

So what are a few reasons newlyweds don’t focus on the celebrating their anniversary every year like it’s their honeymoon?

Time- Not planning time for it. Why not commit to always plan on celebrating it the week of your anniversary. You probably tried to get married in a month that didn’t have too many conflicting events. Once it becomes a committed priority for the couple it will get on the calendar and be looked upon as something to look forward to each year.

Money – Don’t you think everyone should be able to travel affordably? You save money for your house and your retirement why not your vacation? What if there was a way to take a vacation each year at wholesale pricing by joining a private travel club? There are people who travel at jaw dropping prices and get paid for doing it. You just need to check it out for yourself, the deals and opportunities are out there.

I can’t think of a better way to continue to build the unity of spirit between couples except through spending real quality time together. Start off married life by having the Honeymoon of your dreams. Your family can help you make this extra special by joining a honeymoon gift registry. Once a couple realizes how wonderful a real honeymoon can be, they can develop the habit and desire to continue a wonderful tradition of giving the anniversary celebration the focus it deserves.

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