Cheaters – 10 Signs You Have a Cheating Man – Infidelity Uncovered

Some women wonder if their man is cheating because of insecurity and boredom. Others ask it because they’ve been cheated on in the past and are worried it will happen again. The last type of woman is asking this question because her man is giving her reason to suspect him. If you’re starting to think things aren’t quite what they seem, read on.

10 Warning Signs that Your Man Might be Cheating.

His Phone and Computer Have Become Password Protected: Is your man locked down? Does he enter a 20 digit code to get into his phone and you don’t know the password? What is he hiding?

He Gets Phone Calls in the Middle of the Night: If your man is getting phone calls at all hours, there is something going on. Unless there is an emergency, no one should be calling your guy in the middle of the night.

His Phone Habits have Changed: Have you noticed he’s always rushing off the phone when you come into the room or that he’s been on the phone a whole lot more recently? Is he texting more frequently, or has he started using instant messenger on his phone?

He’s Changing the Way he looks: Does your man suddenly care about his appearance more? Has he started working out or purchased new clothes? Does he dress up to go out with the boys?

Your Sex Life has Dramatically Changed: Has he lost interest in sex? Does he turn you down when you initiate? Or has he gone to other way and it’s like a second honeymoon?

He Picks Fights: Have you been fighting a lot recently? Has he become overly critical for no apparent reason? When men feel guilty from an affair they sometimes pick a fight with you to “justify” their actions.

Is He Overly Attentive and Loving for No Apparent Reason: Some men don’t pick fights out of guilt and go the other way. Has he been buying you flowers and he’s never done anything like that before? Does he come home from a “night out with the boys” and bring you a present?

He’s Spending a lot more Money: Have his spending habits changed? Does he have unexplained purchases?

He’s Defensive, Vague and Inconsistent: Is he extremely defensive when you ask him questions about his odd behavior. Are his answers vague and does his story change?

He’s Working Late. A lot: By itself, working late isn’t a sign of infidelity. A lot of people work late. However, combined with other signs, this is the icing on the cake.

Did this list raise your eyebrows? Is it possible your man is cheating on you? Need some advice? Visit my website at

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