10 Creative Ways To Propose To Your Groomsmen

mustache you a question groomsman ideas
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You’ve popped the big question, and now it’s time to propose to your best friends. Your wedding party is made up of your closest friends and family members, from your childhood friends to your college buddies. Your group of groomsmen will be your support system through the wedding planning process and during the craziness of the big day. Once you’ve narrowed it down to the select few who will get to stand by your side on the most important day of your life, you’re ready to ask them to in your wedding. Here are 10 creative and fun ways to propose to your groomsmen.

1. I mustache you a question

Mustaches are a fun trend that can be easily incorporated into your groomsman proposals. Fill a box with items that can be adorned with mustache stickers and labels, such as a bottle of his favorite beer and a pint glass. You mustache them a question – will they be your groomsmen?

mustache you a question groomsman ideas

Photo Credit: Danks & Honey

2. Cigars

Cigars have been associated with men in weddings for ages, making them a standard wedding day tradition. What better way to celebrate your engagement and ask your guys to be in your wedding than by lighting up a fresh cigar? By presenting your question on a nice piece of stationary alongside a gift you can enjoy together, your friends won’t be able to say no.

how to ask your groomsmen

Photo Credit: Paperkrush

3. Custom-labeled alcohol

Create custom labels on your favorite type of alcohol to ask your friends to be your groomsmen and best man. They’ll love the personal touch with their names and your wedding details as well as the gift of a bottle of liquor. You can even enjoy a drink together when they accept your proposal!

custom labeled alcohol groomsmen ideas

Photo Credit: Pinterest

4. Cufflinks

In traditional wedding day attire, men hardly have any room to add a bit of their own personality. Cufflinks are the one accessory where men can add a fun twist on the standard suit and tie. When asking your groomsmen to be a part of your wedding, why not provide them with great cufflinks they can wear both on the day and afterwards?

groomsman cufflinks

Photo Credit: GwenDelicious Etsy

5. Funny cards

If you know your guys will appreciate a good joke, this Top Secret file is the perfect way to ask your friends to be in your wedding. Your best buds will agree to be your secret agents for the most important mission of your life – getting married!

creative groomsmen ideas

Photo Credit: Pinterest

6. Shaving Kit

Every man appreciates a nice shave, whether he’s capable of growing a full beard or just some stubble. Nice shaving tools are a great gift that every man would love to receive, so ask your best buds to be in your wedding party with this convenient kit. It’s a great way to show your appreciation ahead of time.

shaving kit groomsman ideas

Photo Credit: OrangeFuzz Etsy

7. Plan an event

If you’re more interested in spending quality time with your bros instead of sending them a card or gift, you can plan an event for everyone. Beer tasting, golfing or a sporting event are all great ideas. When you’ve got your group together, you can pop the question to everyone at once.

ask your groomsmen to be in your wedding

Photo Credit: Grooms Advice

8. Bowtie

If you already know that your groomsmen will need to wear something special for your big day, such as a bowtie or a special printed tie, include it when you ask your friends to be in your wedding! This will alleviate some of the pressure and costs of being a groomsman. Pair your item with their favorite bottle of liquor to make the gesture even more exciting.

groomsman usher ideas

Photo Credit: Cordial Weddings

9. Fun socks

If your groomsmen are going to rent their tuxes and bowties for the wedding, you can still influence their attire by giving them a pair of socks! Create individual labels asking your friends to wear the socks as they stand by your side during your wedding.

groomsmen socks wedding ideas

Photo Credit: Aisle Perfect

10. Bowtie card

Learning how to tie a bowtie for the big day can be a daunting task, especially once you see all the steps involved! Ask your friends to be in your wedding party with this card that states that you won’t be able to do it without them.

how to tie a bow tie card

Photo Credit: Etsy

As marriage proposals and weddings have become more elaborate, it’s no wonder that more and more grooms are looking for creative ways to ask their groomsmen to be in their wedding. The roles of groomsmen and the best man are hugely important in a wedding; they plan the bachelor party, attend rehearsals and pre-wedding events and make sure everything goes smoothly on the wedding day. When your groomsmen receive a fun and creative proposal from you, they won’t be able to say no!

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