The 7 Colors That Look Fabulous On All Bridesmaids

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Choosing the right dresses for your bridesmaids can be quite the challenge. While there are so many details to consider like length, style, and fabric, finding the perfect color that works for all your gal pals is probably the trickiest feat to accomplish. Each woman has their own opinion, and it is nearly impossible to please every one of your bridesmaids. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered a list of shades that will look fabulous on any bridesmaid! These dress colors compliment all skin tones and hair colors and will look gorgeous on your bridal crew.


For a deep color that works great for weddings during the wintery seasons on either end of the year, navy is the perfect choice for a bridesmaid dress. It definitely compliments all skin and hair tones and is a beautiful color for dresses that are embellished with lace, beads, or belts.


Photo Credit: Meg Smith Photography

Light grey

This slate shade provides a wonderfully neutral color that looks great on any skin tone and is ideal because you can introduce some vividly beautiful accent colors like bold pink, lemon yellow, or soft lavender. Because of its complimenting qualities, this grey tone dress works for weddings all year round.


Photo Credit: Marissa Lambert

Dusty rose

This soft shade of pink is a charming hue that can fit in perfectly with a wedding during any season. It is a versatile color that looks wonderful as a long gown or a short, youthful length. It is a color that will surely radiate romance at your wedding. Although similar, it works a little bit better than blush for women.


Photo Credit: Mikkel Paige Photography


Another wonderfully girly color for bridesmaids dresses is the deep shade of plum. It looks best during the season of autumn or late winter and matches beautifully with purple flower arrangements to bring out the colors of orchids or calla lilies. You could opt for a purple of a lighter shade if it goes better with your theme, but we think that this tone especially looks gorgeous on everyone.


Photo Credit: Larissa Cleveland

Emerald green

This color brings a lot of elegance to bridesmaids dresses and is very unique and polished compared to other popular more playful, pastels. Emerald green is a jewel tone with a richness that connects to natural, earthy colors and looks gorgeous, especially at an outdoor wedding.


Photo Credit: Natalie Franke


Another bright, earthy color that will look fabulous on any bridesmaid is turquoise. It is a wonderful tone that brings a pop of color to your wedding ensemble. Blue is a very versatile hue, and this cheerful shade is guaranteed to make your bridesmaids happy. Turquoise looks amazing during spring or summer and compliments softer wedding theme colors you may have like pink or lemon yellow.


Photo Credit: Natalie Franke


This deep red wine color (similar to maroon) instantly evokes love and is ideal for a fall or winter wedding as it brings a romantic warmth against a snowy white background. It is another enchanting jewel tone that works wonders to compliment any wedding theme especially one with metallics, as they play nicely off the vibrant red.


Photo Credit: Reese Moore Photography

Picking your bridesmaids dresses doesn’t have to be hard or take up too much of your time with overthinking. It’s just important to choose bridesmaid dresses that compliment your color scheme and look fantastic in photographs. So pick one of these colors that matches with your personality and theme, and you’re one step closer to planning the wedding of your dreams!


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